Could You Love Colne?

pendle-in-lancashire-colneSituated in the borough of Pendle in Lancashire, Colne is a small traditional town that sits close to border with Yorkshire. History tells us that people settled in Colne as far back as the Stone Age and evidence such as the fort at Castercliffe suggests that the area saw Iron Age residents also. More recent history revolves around the town’s cotton industry, which is now unfortunately in decline. Visitors to Colne will find a quaint little town complete with Yorkshire idiosyncrasies and pleasant surrounding countryside.

Colne isn’t famous for any specific attractions or buildings as such; however, the town’s historic character and proximity to the scenic Yorkshire countryside make it an interesting place for anyone to visit. It’s also a good place from which to visit other more significant Yorkshire destinations. Shopping fans often head for Colne to visit Boundary Mill Stores, which offers a vast range of products including clothing, shoes, perfume, china, glass, cookware and home furnishings.

Wycoller Country Park provides visitors with a chance to exchange the town’s typical views of bricks and mortar for something a little greener. Hailed as one of the prettiest country parks in Lancashire, Wycoller is a great place to take a pleasant stroll and breathe a little fresh, clean air. The village of Wycoller is historically rich, with period buildings and tales of its association with the Brontë sisters. Alternatively, visitors might want to take a stroll around Colne’s Lake Burwain or take a leisurely canal boat ride with the locally based Foulridge Canal Cruises company.

Visitors to Colne will find ample accommodation in the way of hotels and small B&Bs, but nothing on the scale of those found in the UK’s big cities. Meanwhile, evening entertainment is a sedate affair and visitors usually head for one of the local pubs where the beer is locally brewed and the atmosphere and conversation are pleasant.