Find Your Passion in Fleetwood

fleetwoodA popular seaside holiday destination in the county of Lancashire, at the northern end of the Fylde peninsula, Fleetwood was founded more than 150 years ago as a resort. Because of Fleetwood’s size, it is easy get around on foot. The town is bounded on three sides by water: Morecambe Bay to the north, the Irish Sea to the west and the River Wyre to the east.

Although the area’s fishing industry has declined in recent years, partly due to the ‘Cod Wars’ of the 1960s, you can still visit the jetties where trawlers unload their catch, or if you’d like to do some trawling yourself, you can hire one of the many local boats for a day of angling. One interesting fact about Fleetwood is that it is the home of Fisherman’s Friend, the popular throat lozenge.

If you’re feeling brave enough, you can learn to windsurf at Fleetwood’s Windsurfing Club or head to the Marina and Yacht Club and rent a small boat. The seafront Leisure Centre also offers a wide range of activities and a newly paved promenade allows you to take a relaxing seaside stroll. To trace the maritime roots of Fleetwood, check out the Fleetwood Museum and view displays that feature the history of deep-sea fishing as well as model ships.

Other interesting sites worth a visit include Fleetwood’s lighthouses. Two of the three lighthouses, Pharos/Upper Lighthouse and Lower Lighthouse, are located within the town itself and are still fully operational. For great views of the town, head to the Mount, a man-made hill that is part of Fleetwood Promenade and overlooks the mouth of the channel and Marine Hall, the area’s main entertainment venue, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

For a unique shopping experience, visit the Mount Craft Centre, where local craftspeople display their handmade items. Another popular place to browse is Fleetwood Market, featuring indoor and outdoor stalls that sell a wide range of goods.